About me


It all started with the birth of my children, Evan and Amelie.

Once they were born and I started documenting their growth in beautiful photographs, I knew I was creating something special. I’d found my passion.

The days dragged, but the years flew by, moments and phases gone in a flash, never to return.

At the end of each phase, I yearned for the person that they were. I knew I’d never see that side of them again.

I made a promise to capture each period of their lives, and help other families do the same. Whether its maternity or breastfeeding, newborn or first birthday, family relationships or childhood adventures, I don’t miss a single beat.

I capture real intimacy, real personalities, and real relationships, and turn these into beautiful, natural, fully finished photographic works of art.

I look back on photos from times gone by, and know I have created something completely priceless and precious.

A picture can say a thousand words. Don’t forget the moments before they can say their first.

I cover Cardiff, South Wales and Gwent.

Contact me now to arrange a shoot before its too late.